Monday, March 18, 2013

Review: To Brie or Not to Brie - Avery Aames

To Brie or Not To Brie by Avery Aames is the fourth book in the “Cheese Shop” mystery series. Publisher: Berkley Prime Crime, February 2013


Charlotte Bessette—owner of Fromagerie Bessette, known by locals as The Cheese Shop—has a lot on her plate: setting a date with her fiancé, feeding the actors in her grandmother’s production of Hamlet, and planning the menu for her best friend and cousin’s upcoming wedding. At least her new creation—sinfully delicious Brie blueberry ice cream—has turned out perfectly.  Just days before the wedding, a stranger turns up dead in the Igloo Ice Cream Parlor’s freezer, his head bashed with a container of Charlotte’s signature ice cream. But this stranger turns out to be more than he seems, and his death threatens to unravel all that Charlotte has worked for. She has no choice but to add one more thing to her to-do list: find the killer before the villain destroys all that she loves.


What a wonderfully-crafted story that I could not put down. With all the elements that I love in a good mystery: intriguing plot twists, suspicious suspects, a mix and humor and romance and great characters, this was a very enjoyable read that quickly became a page-turner as I had to know what happens next. I had to laugh at Rebecca, who in her quest to help Charlotte solve this murder mystery, was relentlessly asking questions of the police, by mimicking what she saw on the TV crime shows. Reading this book is like coming home again and I can’t wait for my next visit with Charlotte and her friends in this fabulous series oozing with delectable flavor.






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