Monday, March 25, 2013

Spring is Here????

Last week was the Vernal Equinox - the official first day of Spring.  The day when dark and light are exactly half and half of our day.  And today, well -- lots of us have snow.  I was up on the roof earlier and a man says he would like to get ahold of that groundhog....  Really?  Poor Punxsutawney Phil!  He is already being indicted I hear...

On the group last week, the question was asked, how do you know when Spring is here?  The answers were diverse, from increasing greeness to the Yankees/Mets game.  March Madness is a clue for some.  For me, its the budding of trees and those little clover flowers starting to peak out.  In DC - it is also the Cherry Blossom festival.  Last year we were in major bloom at this time - this year, not so much... But the signs are there, we had some lovely days then some not so lovely ones.

I remember, every year around this time a former co-worker would complain about the majorly fluctuating temps and I would remind her around here we tend not to have CONSISTENTLY warm days until May.  But every year she forgot that and expected it to be better.  I found it amusing.

Spring is not, has never been and never will be a light switch that flicks from off to on.  It will always bloom gradually like the new life it heralds.  Blossoms, and baby animals...  They may grow relatively fast but still they need to sprout and grow.  And part of the excitement of spring is watching that unfurling of beauty. 

Now - I DO hate the cold and really am not too fond of snow if I have to go out and drive in it like I did this morning.  But honestly, it is not a major surprise.  I have a picture of me as a kid standing in several inches of snow and holding an Easter basket.  Winter doesnt come overnight.  The leaves turn, then fall to the ground, it gets darker earlier, crisper air....  Spring is no different.

So I challenge you - instead of complaining or getting impatient, just take a moment daily to look for those signs and watch the gradual changes around you.  Be aware, you might find a new enjoyment in life!


AND if you still want to have faith in the power of the Groundhog to herald spring - check out my college roomie's book:

It's a fun story! 


  1. I just saw green bulb sprouts in my wreckage of a garden bed and smiled. I'm in New England so I don't consider winter over until Memorial Day.

  2. I have 4 inch tulip plants nestled under a fresh six inches of snow. Spring in SW Ohio.

  3. I saw a tree bud...and I will continue to watch that bud until the tree is fully bloomed.


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