Thursday, April 4, 2013

Review: Some Like it Hot by KJ Larsen

Some Like It Hot by K.J. Larsen is the third book in the “Cat DeLuca” mystery series. Publisher: Poisoned Pen Press, March 2013


When an old friend buys a trenchcoat and opens his own detective agency, PI Cat DeLuca sees a train wreck. Because everything Billy Bonham knows about being a private dick, he learned from Humphrey Bogart. And that’s just enough to make him dangerous.  The bungling detective is way over his head on a case involving murder and a stolen pair of Marilyn Monroe’s dazzling diamond earrings. His outrageous client, Cristina McTigue, is pursued by men who want her dead. Five minutes after meeting the woman, Cat would cheerfully kill her too.


When Billy is gunned down on the street, it’s up to Cat to save his crazy client and nail a murderer. She soon finds herself dodging bullets, knee-deep in trouble, and chasing diamonds. Before it’s over, she’ll be helped by her sexy FBI boyfriend, a hunky ex-spy, her outrageous Italian family of Chicago cops, and her interfering Mama who keeps the cannoli coming.  With a cast of zany characters and a pace that’s unrelenting, this laugh-out-loud mystery is best served hot.


Now I know why I love this series, it’s Cat DeLuca herself, the intrepid and gutsy PI who knows how to catch a cheater, but always winds up investigating a murder with great aplomb. When her friend is murdered, Cat is on the prowl for a killer in this engaging story that entertained me from beginning to end through the streets of Chicago. The author did a good job in keeping this mystery light and exciting as Cat does what she does best and that is getting the job done with using all the resources available at her disposal. With a gun-toting faux-partner, her crazy family and a sexy FBI by her side, this was a very enjoyable read and I can’t wait for the next book in fantastic series.







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