Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Quiting Smoking

Hi Everyone,

On Monday I am going to quit smoking. I hope that this time it sticks. This time there will be a reward I am going back to school if this one sticks. Let's hope it sticks.


Now I have a good attitude about quitting smoking this time around. What usually drives me back to the cigs is something big happens in our family. Right now all is well with everyone. I just need everyone to play nice and no major upsets for the next three weeks.


I have projects lined up and things to do so that will help. My only problem is that I have this voice in the back of my mind that I am not as creative (especially in writing books) as I am when I am smoking. So I have to murder that little voice....and not give it a voice any more.

Truth be told I get more stitching done when I don't smoke than ANY other time.


So this is the topic for today's blog.





  1. Good luck and when the time is right it will just happen.


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