Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Since 9/11

Good Morning Bloggers,


I thought I would ask this one question this morning.

"Since 9/11 how has your life changed?"


For me I can still remember 9/11 clearly because when I woke up and saw the news I had a meltdown. A very big one as my son was in the Army at the time. He was overseas in Germany but it still scared me to death.


I know that like the rest of the country I was in shock and awe that this happened. Then the grief set in and fast forward to today and I can honestly say I no longer take our "freedom for granted" I no longer think my world can't be turned upside down any minute of the day.


I know many of you lost friends, coworkers, husbands, wives, children and no words can express what 9/11 meant for you.


I also saw the good people of our country unite and defend. Our firefighters, police officers etc all put their lives on the line because evil had struck and the United States is proof we never let evil win.


So tomorrow I will remember all of those who gave so much and those who lost even more.





  1. Probably at the very basic level, I decided to pay attention to what is happening in the world and inform myself as best I can and take the media with a LARGE grain of salt.

    The problems are more complex and so are the solutions.

    That - and when landing planes fly over me on the GW parkway, I tense up big time (The Pentagon plane flew right past my office window in Arlington that day before it hit)


  2. I remember not being able to get into the city and worrying because my nephew was at the World Trade Center and we didn't know where he was for 19 hours.

    I also don't take anything for granted and one of the things that has changed is I don't watch the news..too negative and media explosive.


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