Thursday, October 31, 2013

Review: Death of a Neighborhood Witch by Laura Levine


A Jaine Austen Mystery

Author: Laura Levine


A new hunky neighbor has Jaine and lance at odds. However, what is really odd is another neighbor. Cryptessa Mulddon is an actress from the vintage era and when she is not causing chaos she is busy talking to her stuffed raven. She had one friend in the world and jaine's cat Prozac just scared Cryptessa's bird Van Helsing to death.


If all of this isn't enough then Jaine's client Marvelous Marv, has decided to do away with his mattress king crown to which he is always threatening to eat. Now he wants bedbug ads and this is another nightmare and not on Elm Street.


When Peter Conner decides to have a Halloween Party and invites Jaine it isn't long before Jaine and a dead body are once again strange bedfellows.


The neighborhood has more rumors flying around than Jaine's own father can invent as he is sending emails that alarm her but she doesn't have time to worry about her dear father's antics as she tries to uncover the truth about why Cryptessa departed life way too early for her. Not early enough for others.

 DEATH OF A NEIGHBORHOOD WITCH will have you thinking twice about neighbors and costume parties.

 I laughed till I cried the other night and this is a perfect blend of characters, humor, mystery and fun. No book should be this much fun to read.

 I give this one a ten star salute.



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