Thursday, October 10, 2013

Review: Hanging Hannah - by Evan Marshall

Title: Hanging Hannah

Author Evan Marshall

Kindle Edition


Hanging Hannah, begins with a young woman running through the wood that are alongside the local inn. She is a beautiful creature and then there is a birthday party taking place at the inn for Jane's Stuart's son.

The children are taken for a walk in the wood and hanging from a tree is the beautiful young woman. She is dead and then the real mystery begins.

Who is this young woman and who would want her dead?

As the investigation begins Jane is only to happy to delve into her stack of manuscripts and when Holly Griffin another agent brings a deal to Jane to represent Goddess and famous singer, actress and author. Jane is stunned and really needs to make this happen.

However Goddess disappears and another meanwhile Jane's assistant Daniel has his own problems. His live in fiancé is pregnant. Daniel finds himself planning a wedding, Jane is roped into helping the bride Laura with wedding dress shopping and Daniel feels he must make amends with his father.

This happens his father attends the wedding only to drop dead of a heart attack.


I have to say this is a powerful mystery. There are many layers to the story and the reasons behind each and every murder is more of a surprise than 'who the murderer was. I think HANGING HANNAH should be taught in creative writing classes across the country. It's that damn good.


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