Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Apple Pie

Today on a morning talk show they said that America voted that "Apple Pie" is the number one dessert. I don't like apple pie. My question is...

"What is your number one dessert?"

I think mine is peach cobbler. I actually have laid off sweets more than ever this year. BUT I do like anything pumpkin so fall is more of a challenge.


With the holidays coming up I am looking more forward to stuffing and cheese ball. Lately though I haven't been all that hungry. I really think I am not going to go crazy this year. For me I probably won't even go back for seconds. For me the holidays have become more stress than fun.


I don't much care for big gatherings anyway but I do love seeing the grandchildren. However this year I think I could skip the whole thing. I know I must be crazy....




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