Tuesday, November 12, 2013

I'm Back

I'm back,


Okay here is what I forgot to add to the first blog. First I dressed in a black sweater top and black jeans. I went to put on my socks and I couldn't find my black socks, my skull socks, my black socks with the red and pink hearts on them. YEP I had to wear white ones and to add to this crime I wore white tennis shoes. I don't plan on going any farther than the mailbox today. I had to brush Pepper's hair and couldn't find the pet brush. I went to look for my own hairbrush and realized it was in my hand. I wanted to wear my black and silver earrings. Couldn't find the back to one of them so I am wearing red earring and it wasn't until I had them in that I realized I could have used the backs to the red earrings on the back of the black an silver earrings.


All of these things actually led to doing the laundry and of course more coffee. I also forgot to mention I bagged the trash and made the bed this morning. Needless to say that if you read the first blog you know I am posting this one while watching The Price Is Right where a woman just won 10,000.00 I think I would get a cleaning lady if I had that money.LOL

I would also go on a shopping trip for socks and shoes. Okay and probably new coffee mugs as quite a few of mine are chipped. Also new eye glasses and new pet and human hair brushes.

I think this finally covers my morning.



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