Friday, November 8, 2013

Review: A Deadly Cliche' by Ellery Adams

Title: A Deadly Cliche'

Author: Ellery Adams

(A books By The Bay Mystery)

Olivia Limoges is walking her dog on the beach as she does every morning. Today she finds a child's sand pail covering something and as she gets close enough to remove the pail she finds a the head of a dead man.

This is just  the first of many murders and it's soon discovered that the link to these murders is that the murderer is leaving a calling card of clich├ęs.


The books by the bay writer's group soon put their head and hearts together and try to find answers for the why and soon it is apparent there are many hidden layers to the murders.


Meanwhile Olivia has a mystery of her own. She receives a letter telling her that her father is still alive. She hires her own investigator and if isn't enough her friend Laurel is going through a home and career crisis.


Plus Olivia finds herself more and more attracted to Chief Rawlings. Round all of this out with a hurricane and a new project Olivia and her dog Haviland plates are full of more than trying latest recipes.


Ellery Adams has penned not only a talented series but she has created characters with depth. Each character brings something to the table whether it is a food table or a writing table they are all interesting and you will grow to love each character for themselves.


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