Wednesday, December 4, 2013




Folks the world is changing and to prove my point! In the past two weeks the morning news shows have talked to the inventor of a flying car. Now if you missed 60 minutes on Sunday evening you missed another up and coming moment. By the CEO and inventor of This is the delivery drones that will be probably be used in the next 4-5 years.


These drones are to drop off small packages by amazon to your home! He showed Charlie Rose a video of how this would work and Charlie got to see the prototypes of the drones last night. Currently they are only designed for up to five pounds of packages.


I wonder what is next but I have to say this is intriguing.

You all thought syfy was just for Jetson cartoons, movies, series, comic books and super heroes etc...Looking out world because George Orwell isn't the only one predicting the future. LOL


Any thoughts on the new delivery system that is coming or the flying cars that may one day fill the skies?




  1. Jeff Bezos does like to think innovatively and I have to admire him for that. This latest is really gimmicky but we are talking about it so that is good. I cant imagine how it could be cost effective but who knows?

    I can foresee lots of issues with liability though. (Oh that old insurance agency hat rears its head). What if these drones damage something on the way to your home? Or the package? Or run into someone or something?

    And honestly, I wouldn't like it because we already have concerns about spying with drones anyway. Many areas want police to use them, but it faces constitutionality issues.

    And I am a huge amazon shopper...but not supporting this one.

    I do love outside the box thinking though - so keep coming up with ideas Jeff!


  2. I didn't see the show you mention, but I did see a headline about Amazon and the drones. I can't see the use of delivery drones coming into fruition, but it's a fun idea x

  3. I don't see how it would work on a large scale but it would be fun to get a package from a drone. Wonder if it will ring the bell. LOL


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