Tuesday, December 3, 2013

My Friend Terri

My friend Terri:


I am sure you have heard of my friend Terri and probably many, many of you know her. LOL


Anyway I know who to hook up with for co-blogger buddy. Here is why I say this...


Terri is a speed reader. This means she reads many more books than I do a year. For blogging reviews this is great. Also she knows many authors and we have went to her well of authors to interview time and again.  Not only is she well read and has more contacts and friends than me but she also lives in the mecca of excitement.


This means she always has a topic to blog about and for me this again is wonderful! I live in a of the road hometown. I sometimes think I don't have a topic but I have discovered lately actually have a lot to talk about so okay maybe some of them are not always spot on but I am sooo much better than I was a month ago! LOL


Anyway back to Terri not only has she travelled to many countries and around the USA we also share a hobby or two so that makes life interesting. I say all of this for you to know that more of our personalities and topics will be stepped up in 2014





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  1. I look forward to hearing more about both of you. MaryC


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