Monday, December 2, 2013

Review: Every Trick in the Book by Lucy Arlington

Title: EVERY TRICK in the BOOK



Lila Wilkins has just been promoted to full-time literary agent. Lila also has a new home.  The home of her dreams and a boyfriend who is a police officer. Everything is coming up books including the Book and Author Festival to which is sponsored by Novel Ideas. Lila is happy and excited to discover new talent at the festival.


Nothing could go wrong but it does. She let's promising authors pitch their stories and gives advice. All seems well until she discovers a dead body and a young man dressed in black with a killer look in his eyes flings plume feather at her and is gone. That is until she discovers the dead body.


He's there but soon is on the run then when she goes to a promising author's home for a nice chat she soon learns that three days later that author is dead. Trying to find the link between the two murders may bring Lila face to face with a killer.


To top this off Trey, Lila's son might be in danger. He loved living and working at the co-op but now he believes shady things are happening and he doesn't feel like anyone is safe and secure anymore. Lila agrees to help and come up with a plan of her own to filter out what is really happening at the co-op.


EVERY TRICK in the BOOK is a sit down and read it now kind of mystery.

I loved every moment of reading the his book and more to the point I can't wait to read the next book. I can't thank Lucy Arlington enough for making my holiday weekend that much more thankful...thankful for a good book. It has a wonderful cast of characters with depth, a little humor but most of all a plot to die for.......




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