Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Luck of the Irish

Luck Of The Irish,

Happy belated Irish Day! Okay today I want to know are you a lucky person? I think I am so so in the luck department. Sometimes I win and sometimes I don't and mostly I think we make our own luck by way of karma.

Also we make our own luck by faith. I have for the most part since January kept my promise to myself that I would think positive. That lasted until I had a really bad week last week.

Yep that promise flew away faster than a dove on the first day of dove hunting season. However it is back this week. I feel lucky to have won a couple of good books to read this month. Loving The DROWNING SPOOL by monica Ferris and when I finish reading it I will write a review. I LOVE reading The Sayers Swindle by Victoria Abbott. When I finish I will write a review.

I am hoping that my positive feeling and (luck) will continue and Terri will do her interview this week and post it on our blog. I think this will be a fantastic interview as I am an armchair traveler through Terri and her travels.

I am trying to get back on the blog track but I have to say I deleted emails on my gmail account and when I did last week my email addys for authors went bye bye. To top that off I forgot to send one of my favorite authors of all time her questions. This should have happened ten days ago. Did I mention last week was a very bad week? I will blog about last week another time. It even bled over to the weekend. So then I forgot about the readathon I wanted to on our cozyarmchairgroup. Yep totally slipped my mind. What I did do was play free online Publishers Clearing House Games. LOL The problem is I never quit playing. I missed meals, bedtime, housework, the dog felt neglected and I hardly sent an email or checked messages. Facebook well I did not tune in much at all maybe not at all unless I hit like. Laundry forgoet it but did try to catch up on it.

Do you get distracted easily? Today I made a to-do list and am checking things off as I go.

Write a blog (check).....LOL

Okay tell us about your past week!


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  1. I guess I don't think about whether or not I'm lucky, I just try to enjoy where ever I am. This past couple of weeks have been karmically challenged though. Looking forward to the weekend.


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