Friday, August 1, 2014

If Today....

If today starts the rest of your life. What has your previous life before now said about you? Mine says that I have always been a reader.

Also things have been an uphill climb for me. This means from climbing trees, to driving uphill, to facing down many challenges in my life.

My favorite decade was the 90’s and I love certain decades in history more than others.

On a girly frilly note I have always loved to wear something in my hair. Headbands, combs, flower and many other things.

Now for today being a grandmother has its rewards. I can go thru another childhood. Also this week at my daughter’s house I have had more adventures than I lived the past ten years.

I’d say I am getting younger and older all at the same time.

So my motto is do not get in a rut. Live, live and live some more.



  1. Pam,
    Good advice. I tend to get in a rut & not try new things. I have always been a reader, also. The ups & downs both shape our lives.

  2. Lovely post, Pam! You bring a lot of good energy into the world. I love the hair stuff.



  3. Thanks Mary and MJ life is good so grab the brass ring. LOL


  4. Good motto! Very much like when Joyce Meyer advises to enjoy every day life.

    Glenda S.


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