Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Play Review - Dirty Dancing

I went with a friend to see the stage production of Dirty Dancing.  

 Dirty Dancing at the National Theatre - DC

Now, I do know that plays based on movies can be hit or miss.  I know that certainly is true for a play based on such an iconic movie.  So I was a bit hesitant at first, but hey - discount tickets helped. I figured, great music, great dancing, it will be fun.  And it was fun...that part anyway.  Loved they had an orchestra and a couple live versions of some of the classic songs from the movie.  And the dancing and backdrop visuals of the dancing was great!

But then we get to the real issue...  when actors take over a role, they need to take it over and make it their own.  I felt (and so did my friend when we talked about it) the actors were trying to play Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey playing the characters instead.  Which of course, doesn't work.  It felt flat.  And I honestly felt very little chemistry between the two actors either.  And that is one thing Swayze and Grey did have.

So comparison wise, a disappointment.  But we did at least have fun.  I would have been a bit irritated though if I had paid full price this go round.

So I will say, movie-to-stage adaptation:

Legally Blonde - YES
Young Frankenstein - YES
Dirty Dancing - NO


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