Thursday, October 23, 2014


What are some of your favorite Halloween or Fall Mysteries?

I love fall and Halloween season. I devour movies such as Arsenic and Old Lace and Hocus Pocus (someday I will own these movies), and of course I want to know what your favorite movies are to watch this season?

I also like to decorate for Halloween. I did do a little this year. I mean I have a skeleton on the door and a few things set out for the living room and dining room. Not nearly what I am used to doing but this has been a strange year. Anyway tell us if you decorate and what are some of your favorite things.

Now I love to cross stitch so I am busy trying to get a cross stitch project for me finished by Halloween.

Do you have classic books you reread in the fall?

What author/s would you love to invite to a Halloween or fall harvest party?

I love the smell of pumpkin and one of my favorite things is seeing leaves changing to beautiful colors.

Okay I hope everyone is having a wonderful week.


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  1. I love this time of year - and the COSTUMES! As for books - The Scarecrow Murders by Mary Welk is what popped up in my head but there are so many others.

    Movies - I like the old classics like Dracula and The Wolfman as well as anything with Vincent Price.



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