Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Holiady Book Shopping

I hope your holiday shopping leaves everyone with some down time to read. Also don't forget to add book books for the readers in your family.

Okay speaking of books. Last night I made a trek to the public library and here are the books and author I brought home with me.

First is Carolyn Hart's GHOST GONE WILD( A Bailey Ruth Evans Ghost Novel), 

Then is, 

A LACK OF TEMPERANCE (A HATTIE DAVISH MYSTERY) by Anna Loan Wilsey. This is a a new to me author and series. I got mine in large type hardback. It of course is an historical mystery series. It is set in Eureka Springs Arkansas in 1892.
Hattie is a traveling secretary and when she arrives to he new job she finds that her employer has disappeared.

Next up is M.C. Beaton's Agatha Raisin Mystery Series. THE BLOOD OF AN ENGLISHMAN
Well, with this title I had to check the book out. I have read this series. Some of the books I like. Some... well... not so much. I will get back to you.

Last is Sall Goldenbaum's latest:  Angora Alibi(A seaside knitters Mystery). 

Okay that was all o the library books...

Now while in Kansas City last week I picked up Mrs. Jeffries The MERRY GENTLEMEN (A Christmas Mystery) and his is an historical series set in London by Emily Brightwell.  

 I also picked up Leigh Perry's A Family Skeleton Mystery (this is also a series. The book I picked is THE SKELETON TAKES A BOW.
Now I love this series and the skeleton is named Sid. LOL

Lastly, while at the grocery store last night, they had in paperback CHRISTMAS CAROL MURDER by Leslie Meir. So I bought it.

Will you have a Christmas wish list of books this season?


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