Thursday, December 18, 2014

Top Ten lists and Happy Holidays

Good Morning,

I wanted to start my top ten list early instead of waiting for January. At least my top 3 authors and books. Max McCoy gets top honors for his historical mystery seasons. I can't remember any titles this morning which tells you about my week. 

However moving right along Rhys Bowen's The Twelve Clues Of Christmas takes top honors for her Royal Spyness Christmas Mystery in her series. 

Third place goes to the book The Yard and I mean this book takes place a year after Jack The Ripper did his wicked serial killer ways. Now there is the Murder Squad of Scotland Yard.

After these comes a few more books that I can honestly say I love. Victoria Abbott has a series to die for and all the books (which is two out of three) I have read makes me wish I had written this series. The Sayers Swindle was wonderful as wa The Christie Caper. I want to buy and review The Wolfe Widow. 

This leads me to Leigh Perry's A Skeleton In The Family Series. Now I have to thank Leigh for writing this series as it got me back into writing a cozy series of my own. I think her real name is Toni P. Kelner but I am not sure as the name on this series is Leigh Perry. 

Last but not least this morning is Forget Me Knot it is a quilting mystery series by Mary Marks. 

Now the rest of my list will have to wait until I can find details on the other books. BUT this is a start if you are looking for the perfect books for mystery readers.

Now Terri and I have next week off so I am not sure how often we will blog. However I will be around for the next week and after.

I am so sorry I haven't been blogging lately but I've been sick with pneumonia and am just now getting over it. I am sooo much better that I will say I am well but don't want to jinx it. LOL

Our holiday ought to be as usual interesting. We are leaving earlier tan expected and coming home earlier than expected.

I love and thank all of our readers and followers.

LET your star shine bright. Please tell us when you have time what books have been fun for you to read?




  1. Yes, Leigh Perry is Toni L.P. Kelner. (And now you know what the L.P. stands for.) Thanks for your kind words about the Family Skeleton books, and best of luck with your new series.

  2. Toni

    I want to read these too! that said - I will hopefully see you at Malice and maybe get an autograph for Pam!



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