Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Review: Pride v. Prejudice by Joan Hess


Hardback cozy mystery series

Claire Malloy has once again attracted trouble. This time it's trouble that comes with jury duty. She was willing to do her part but
the prosecutor doesn't like Claire's husband (Peter Rosen), and by his way of thinking Claire will not serve on the jury.

The worst part is that Sarah Swift, will not have a fair trial. Prosecutor Wessell is convinced that she in cold bloodshot her husband. Her husband Tuck was shot in the barn and while others heard the shot from the shotgun Sarah did not hear it. She had a book club meeting that night (this wasn't much of a book club. The women got together to drink, snack and complain about their husbands.

She had a lot to drink and says she didn't hear a thing. Her lawyer ha only been out of law school for two years. Claire knows the woman needs  her, as does her daughter, husband because his mother is coming to visit for the first time. This is just the beginning of trouble on all fronts and a full plate.

I loved PRIDE v. PREJUDICE , Claire has landed herself into a current murder case that in turn leads to a most wanted retro murder case. This doesn't include a church group like no other, blueberries, a dog chasing her up a tree, which leads to her taking off more clothing than the local protect and serve would rather not shine a light on. Peter is kept busy with the FBI, Caron and her best gal pal (Inez) are arrested for breaking and entering (they like good teens didn't rat out their mother), and the list goes on an on. Did I mention that Sarah Swift is no angel?

I have to say this mystery is filled with nary a dull moment. I wanted refrain from answering my door because I might find a kooky character or a deranged mom of a teen on the other side. It truly is filled with laughs and I enjoyed every page.

Joan Hess is once again the best of the best and the series is delightful not to mention in this case quite educational. ********
nine out of ten stars.


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