Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Hallmark Mystery Movies

Good Morning Everyone,

I hope you had a very nice Mother's Day and are ready for a "Terrific Tuesday.",
My blog today is Hallmark Movies that are based on our cozy mysteries. We do not get the package of channels that I can watch Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, but I was thrilled last month when I could receive them free for a whole month.

I loved the garage sale mysteries, the Aurora Teagarden Series, Charlaine Harris's books are the best and Hallmark didn't lt me down. Before the time ended for me to watch these wonderful cozy series I got to see MURDER SHE BAKED. Based on the Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder Mystery Series by Joanne Fluke.

I have to admit I did not picture the male characters as they were portrayed. I LOVED Hannah's mother and sister. Hannah, was excellent in her part and the setting was nice.
Plot wound up nicely. I am thrilled that cozies are getting their Just Desserts when it comes to movies.

I have to say that the murder she baked series has room to grow. I think it will grow because the seeds are there.

Now for the ratings: Garage Sale Mystery 9 out of 10.

Aurora Teagarden Series: 10 out of 10

Murder She Baked: 7 out of 10.

Keep it cozy,



  1. I have enjoyed each of these. And I would mention the Mystery Woman ones too. And this weekend is the Gourmet Detective. I really am enjoying them all

  2. I only did the newer cozy mystery movies. :)


  3. I saw some ads for these, but then realized I don't have access to that channel either. What a bummer, they sound great!


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