Thursday, May 28, 2015

Review: Cover Story by Erika Chase

Title: COVER STORY (An Ashton Corners Book Club Mystery Series).

Book club member Molly Mathews childhood friend has moved back to town. More exciting is the reason Teensy Coldicutt has moved back to town is that she has written a book. A steamy novel that Molly and the book club plan to help Teensy launch.

Lizzie Turner is happily lining up businesses for the signings but things come to a dying halt when Molly is beaten and hospitalize. Teensy's boxes of book are stolen and the publisher of the books is murdered. Add to that Bob Miller, a club member and a close friend to Molly not mention a former police chief has a dead man in his backyard.

The worst is yet to come when Bob Miller is arrested for murder. Plus now there is evidence of a counterfeit money ring to along with the murders.

Lizzy and the remaining reading group have decided it is up to them to find some answers before it's too late and another murder happens. They know Bob is innocent it's up to them to find the proof.

Lizzie doesn't understand what one-hundred and fifty copies of Teensy's novel has to do with this and who is not offering full disclosure ? Is there someone more dark and sinister behind the murders?

COVER STORY is a great addition to this popular mystery series. Colorful characters, fun plot and plenty of twists and turns.
ERIKA CHASE has penned a perfectly fun series that should be a wonderful addition for any mystery reader. I give it ********** stars.


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