Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Review: A Test of Wills by Charles Todd

I have wanted to read the Ian Rutledge series for some time, but it was meeting the Todds (Mother and Son team that write together) at Malice Domestic, that made me pull it out and read the first one.

Post WWI England is not something I really have read much about and my limited exposure tends to be mostly Downton Abbey.  Rutledge is struggling to restart his career interrupted by the war.  He is sent by Scotland Yard to investigate the murder of a Colonel where the main suspect is a decorated war hero and friend of the Royal Family.  Secrets abound and there are seemingly no other suspects but he refuses to make a mistake and takes his time, is thorough and determined.   If this goes wrong, he will be the scapegoat. Suffering 'Shell Shock' from the war, he has to prove his abilities to himself as well.  And the case, certainly is complicated.

It is difficult to write historical mysteries - to get the setting, tone, manners, even dialog right.  The Todds really excelled and made me very glad I finally got to this book!  Now, for the rest...



  1. A Fine Summer's Day was included in my Malice registration bag. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I, too, had never read one of this writing team's titles. Unfortunately I didn't meet them but will be sure to do so next time.

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  3. Nice Maggie! I didn't get that one in mine, though I did get another historical - Rhys Bowen's

    1. I loved her Evan Evans series that she discontinued. I haven't read her other series.

    2. I do too Maggie! Lady Georgie is the one that was in my bag


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