Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Two Movie Reviews


This movie is such a moving story that it took me by surprise. It's based on the fact that Walt Disney wanted to bring the book MARY POPPINS to life. He promised his daughters he would bring this book to life. It took twenty years to keep that promise.

Pamela L. Travers wrote MARY POPPINS and she wanted anything but this book brought to life on the big screen. The deciding factor to at least hear what Walt Disney had to say was the fact she didn't want to lose her home.

At the least Pamela is difficult an at best she is carrying a lot of memories that cause excess baggage for her and everyone around her.
It is a miracle that this movie was made. It is also a miracle that Pamela L. Travers had a change of viewpoint and heart but not until step by step she had situation proved to her. It was pivotal that Walt Disney visited her at her home.
I give it ******** stars.

Next up: HOLLYWOODLAND and this movie flipped from it's present to the past. It is about the murder/suicide of George Reeves and while the person investigating tries to find the truth this story soon reveals the investigator has much in common with George Reeves.

A very sad movie, a depressing movie and a true side of Hollywood emerges. I really enjoyed the movie but was emotionally exhausted by the time the words the end met my gaze. I give it **********stars.


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  1. I LOVED Saving Mr. Banks! I liked Hollywoodland and I think they did a pretty good job of telling the story. We'll never know for sure, but it is one of those really sad stories in Hollywood


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