Saturday, June 27, 2015

Aunt Dimity Review

Title: Aunt Dimity &
the Wishing Well
Author: Nancy Atherton

This is now my favorite book in the series.
 Hector Huggins the recluse has died. He made it clear he didn't like visitors. Anyway his nephew Jack McBride from Australia arrives late to the funeral. He is in time to raise eyebrows and gossip.
Lori befriends Jack, soon she learns he  is tasked with his Uncle's last wishes. He has to fix the yard and house and in doing so Jack and Lori, find a wishing well.
Off handedly Lori makes a wish that the rain needs to stop. It does stop and in a matter of hours the all of Finch knows it.
A lot of Finch residents make their own wishes. Secretly and a few out in the open. When they come true for a brief while it's like winning the lottery.
The down side is be careful what you wish for...soon odd things happen, odd people show up and life in Finch is more than Lori can take.

AUNT DIMITY & the WISHING WELL by Nancy  Atherton, is the best one yet. I give it ten out of ten stars.

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