Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Review: Dead for a Spell by Raymond Buckland

The Lyceum Theatre is finishing a run of Hamlet starring Henry Irving and getting ready to produce Othello when one of their actresses vanishes and is later found dead.  At Theatre Manager Bram Stoker's request, stage Manager, Harry Withers begins investigating apparent occult themes in the crime.  What they find is Evil and if Mr. Stoker is correct, there will be another murder which they need to prevent.

I really enjoyed the setting and characters.  It felt historically rich and drew me in.

Bram Stoker is a great choice for a sleuth I think.  He was an unusual man with interests in the occult and supernatural.  Not to mention, theatres are always a great place to find unusual and interesting characters.  I thought the touches Mr. Buckland added to give the book the Victorian feel were wonderful.  I enjoyed when Mr. Stoker took Harry as his guest to the Beefsteak club.  Harry's anticipation and enjoyment was engaging.  Small touches are what made this book thoroughly enjoyable.


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  1. Terri,
    I love this cover and the title of this book. Who wouldn't want to read this book. Great review and now I want to read it.


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