Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Bryant and May and the Bleeding Heart Review

Title: Bryant and May and the Bleeding Heart
Author: Christopher Fowler
Kindle Edition: British Series

Author Bryant and John May have earned a reputation with the met an their superiors. Bryant doesn't like to stick to the rules. May doesn't mind running interference but it is all very daunting. Now they have a chance to prove themselves because...well they have solved more than a few cases.
They find a place to start up their branch of the Unusual cases, form a team while they have someone who is supposed to oversee everything and everyone. She is mostly left out of the loop.
One of their first cases is to find the ravens. These ravens are special they stand for many things at the metropolitan museum. They are missing all ten of them. Not acceptable on any term. Also there seem to be murders at every turn.
The strangest case is this...
A couple of young adults are in the cemetery. They are going to make out and have smoked a little weed the problem is that up from the grave rises a man and while he looks dead he is trying to climb out of the grave. Scares the two young adults. Then it turns stranger and stranger from there.
Talk about symbols, magic, stigma, superstitions, vampires (but not really), murder with things such as a bow and arrow.
This is such a unique series anyway but Christopher Fowler has outdone himself.

A note here: Terri, you will love this book in the series. I mean the ravens alone will grab your attention but there is so much more that makes me think of you!
Okay so anyway I give this book a ten out of ten.
Pamela James

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