Monday, August 3, 2015

Cozy Series Review- You Can't Get Blood out of Shag Carpet by Juliette Harper

ISBN 9780986240799
Pub Date: May 2015
Publisher: Skye House Publishing
Setting: Texas 1960's

Hilton Milton, is as dead. Wanda Jean Milton is wife came home from the grocery tore and found Hilton dead on her new shag carpet. The Old Hickory carving knife is sticking out of his chest.
Wanda Jean quickly turns into the prime suspect. Wanda claims she didn't kill her husband. Clara Wyler, believes Wanda Jean. She calls a study club meeting. Clara is President of the study club. She isn't going to have one of her members declared a murderess.
When the sheriff decides to go fishing instead of going up against Clara, his deputy is left in charge.
Now the thing is about a small Texas Town is that everyone is related to everyone else, knows everybody and their business.
This means nothing is secret. However, at the special meeting, Wanda Jean, is holding something back. The other members Mae Ella Gormley (who is Clara's younger sister) and a county clerk. Sugar Watson, is the owner of local beauty parlor, Wilma Schneider is an Army Mash Veteran and RN. Needless to say the women are not going to put up with any nonsense. One of their own needs to tell all and they are not leaving until they know exactly what secret Wanda Jean knows about her husband.
Finally Wanda Jean tells them her shocking secret.
It's a doozy and if you want to know you have to read the book.
YOU CAN'T GET BLOOD OUT OF SHAG CARPET,  is set in the true 1960's. The women re real, the characters and plot are more  than funny. It is a perfect storm leading to a successful cozy series.
This is book one and I have to say Juliette Harper, is an amazing author. Never underestimate women in power positions in a small town.
Relatives in the book are a diverse group and very relative to the plot.
I give YOU CAN'T GET BLOOD OUT OF SHAG CARPET by Juliette Harper, ten out of ten stars.
Pamela James

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