Thursday, August 13, 2015

Review: Serial Killers True Crime Anthology 2015

  • Series: Annual True Crime Anthology
  • Paperback: 340 pages
  • Publisher: RJ Parker Publishing; First edition (December 15, 2014)
  • ISBN-10: 1500505161
  • ISBN-13: 978-1500505165

A very good compilation by various true crime authors with a wide range of crimes.  Some very well known such as Rosemary and Fred West, Lonnie "The Grim Sleeper" Franklin, Jr. and Harold Shipman, some less known such as Adam Leroy Lane, Michael Wayne McCray, Douglas/Donna Perry, Donald Harvey and others.

What I liked most besides the range of topics is that they have virtually unknown murderers from history as well such as Enriqueta Marti and Felipe Espinoza.  Many think serial killers are a relatively new phenomenon, but we are finding it is not.

Additionally, though I knew a bit about the 'Angel of Death' Donald Harvey, I was horrified by how much he got away with and how much hospitals ignored reports of suspicions of the crimes.

Writing true crime is a challenge to find the balance between reporting and sensationalism and I think these authors:  Peter Vronksy, RJ Parker, Katherine Ramsland, Michael Newton, Sylvia Perrini and Kelly Banaski do a good job with that balance.


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