Friday, August 28, 2015

We made it to Friday

So we made it to Friday. This is such good news. I may guilt free finish a book I have been reading, I can cross stitch tonight, the Kansas City Chiefs are playing tonight. I am home free for a few days.
What are your weekend plans?
I look forward to the tacos I am going to have for supper.
Oh and the book/s I will finish I will review. I also have been saving up to review MURDER in the PAPERBACK PARLOR by Ellery Adams. I finished reading this book days ago but wanted to review it at the perfect time.
I supposed everyone has exciting plans although Florida may have a little too much excitement. Florida and surrounding areas stay safe. Tornadoes scare me as I have been in a couple of them, a flood etc....
I think my favorite part of every weekend is Saturday mornings. I watch quilting shows and cross stitch. This weekend is all about the Halloween cross stitch.


  1. We're waiting for the tropical storm to hit this weekend, Pam. We've stocked up on food, water, cat food and gassed our cars. Right now the sun is shining and I'm going to work this afternoon. Eerie.

  2. Mom is watching the storm as well hoping for the best. I am reading Orange as Marmalde by Fran Stewart


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