Saturday, September 19, 2015

Documentary Walt Disney

This week I watch a documentary for two nights on Walt Disney. He was a more complicated man than I ever imagined. He never stopped dreaming, trying and he wasn't defeated for long.
He loved his daughters, made his own way and enough was never enough.
One of the things he was passionate about were trains and in the end that is probably what saved him and his sanity more than anything else in this world.
I have to admit it was his brother Roy who saved Walt and the company more than once while Walt left the country after things got heated over his workers wanting a union and picketed to get one. Walt took this so personally and as a personal affront from workers that he never really trusted anyone like a family again who worked for him.
He just couldn't understand why they would want a union.
His humble beginnings had a lot to do with his adulthood. The death of his mother was very sad because Walt and Roy bought their parents a new home for an anniversary. The thing is his mother died of carbon monoxide poisoning and while his father survived. Walt would never ever speak of his mother's death again.
I think it's safe to say Walt had Roy and his daughters, he did have a wife but she was more distant than you would imagine.
Anyway Walt's dreams were his friends and he was a man when told he couldn't do something he said "Watch me", mostly Walt wanted to make a place for families to go to be happy.
Some of his movies were not money makers and failed at the box office but others were wonderfully successful.
What I walked away with is that he wasn't always a happy man but he always no matter what wanted children to be happy for at least a while.
He daughters adored him and while their mother was distant he was the best dad to ever have.
I give this documentary an 8 out of 10. I would love to know Roy's side of things a little more in depth. I also would like to know more about his wife and why she was so distant.
PBS is a wonderful channel....

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