Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Review - A Deceptive Homecoming

(A Hattie Davish Mystery) Series mystery
Large print -library book

Hattie Davish is a traveling secretary. She works for celebrities and has helped the police solve a murder or two but when she gets the message that her friend Virginia Hayward's father has passed away. She returns to her hometown because she thinks her friend needs her to be there.
Hattie travels halfway across the country to be there. When Virginia sees Hattie she is the ice queen and will not open up to Hattie, what's more she doesn't want anything to do with her.
Soon other matters develop as Mrs. Chaplin's School for Women not only would like her to give a talk but she finds out that not only secrets abound, but theft, murder much more.

Hattie is fighting her own demons as she discovers that the body in the casket may or may not be Frank Hayward, and indeed Hattie finds that a woman is looking for her husband. When shown the photo the man looks amazingly like Frank Hayward.
The plot thickens so do Hattie's demons as they visit the state Lunatic Asylum. This is where Hattie's own father died years ago and as time goes by it is apparent that someone wants Hattie to go home.
Trying to find out the truth behind the secrets and cover up Hattie has to deal with the letters that arrive each with no name but the message is clear.
Then her boss wants her to do a writing assignment before she can return home. Nothing is what it seems and in St. Joseph, Missouri Hattie will do her best to help the school, the widow of a dead man, Mrs. Chaplin, to find out what really happened to her father, who is the real body in the coffin. All while trying to save her sanity and her life.

I must say that this December/ Jan will be very hard to narrow down what top authors and their books I have enjoyed this year.
ANNA LOAN-WILSEY, is an author whose books I will devour and enjoy every crumb of the page turners she writes. Truly a great historical crime writer.
Pamela James

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  1. I am sorry the post should have been.. A DECEPTIVE HOMECOMING.


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