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Monday, September 7, 2015

Review: The Last Victim by Karen Robards.

Charlie is a Psychiatrist currently studying/interviewing convicted serial killers when the FBI comes in to have her help with capturing the killer who has killed several families and has kidnapped a teenage girl.  this mirrors the crimes of The Boardwalk Killer who she escaped 15 years before.  Whether it is the same killer or a copycat remains to be seen but rescuing the girl is the top priority.

Her past haunts her as does her unique sidekick, the ghost of a convicted serial killer, as she tries to help the FBI and local police.  Not to mention, she sees and interacts with some of the ghosts of the victims while trying to hold it together while agents surround her and would think she was insane if they knew.

This book was quite enjoyable.  It was suspenseful.  I really like Charlie - her struggles with her past and her 'gift' as well as the volatile exchanges with her unwanted sidekick made her fascinating.

As the clues fell together, it raced toward an intense climax. Really enjoyed it and will want to read the next in the series


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