Monday, October 12, 2015

Checking about my weekend

This weekend we had great weather. Frank and I got out on Saturday for a little while. That was nice but mostly I was so tired that I napped.
I did read as I have to get a bunch of reviews turned in before the end of the month.

Sunday was better I binge watched Ruth Rendell Mysteries on Acorn. I cross stitched and Frank did the dishes, made us a nice steak supper with trimmings, he went to the grocery store and I have to say that I think my whole rundown feeling is that I just needed a couple of days to rest and recoup.
How did you enjoy your weekend?
I intended my weekend to be a working one. I think I made the right choice to just lay low and recoup.

Monday will be  much more productive day. If I don't do anything but read it will still be productive. I have two books that I need to post a review. I would like to wait an see if I can double that over the next couple of days.

I thought we were going to cool down quite  bit over the next couple of days. However the temps will remain mostly 77 degrees until closer to the weekend.

I did purchase a scarecrow mailbox cover. Now we need to get the bales and make our scarecrow. I admit that at Walgreen we saw life size skeleton I immediately thought of "Sid" Leigh Perry's Character in her book. I should have bought it but I decided I wouldn't spend the 40.00 on Sid right now.
I could see so many possibilities for him. Different hats, holidays, clothes but there will be another year. This year we already decided on Scarecrows. LOL

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