Sunday, October 25, 2015

Review: The Miser's Dream by John Gaspard

Pub date: October 27th 2015
Fiction Mystery Series

One night Eli Marks looks out his apartment window into the projection booth of the movie theatre net door. He sees the projections (Tyler) laying dead in a pool of blood. Eli calls the police. It's murder and the list of suspects begins to unfold.
Eli is a magician and while it's been a while since he spruced up his act he is still a pretty magician. The thing is a magician at the top of his profession comes to town. What is worse than his rival is the fact that Megan Eli's girlfriend is smitten by the other magician's act and well he is a dapper fellow.
Uncle Harry is even enthralled with Quinton Moon the best magician ever. Eli helps his Uncle Harry out in the magic shop and lives on the third floor in an apartment. Uncle Harry's apartment is on the second floor.
Everything starts to unravel at once for Eli as Megan is asked to participate in an act with Quinton Moon, something she had refused to do with Eli and then there is Tracy the new manager of the movie theatre. S
Someone tries to run down Eli and then Tracy is found at the foot of the ladder and it doesn't look like an accident. She is taken to the hospital then Uncle Harry and Eli are hit by ice and snow from the roof and Homicide Detective Fred Hutton thinks that is no accident.
Mr. Lime a man that has his own agenda and someone that would frighten anyone tries to draw Eli into his agenda and he doesn't like the word no.
Then there are the people who would do anything to own rare movie posters such as LONDON AFTER MIDNIGHT, with this movie poster comes three people who want the poster very badly. One is a famous mystery author Clifford Thomas, this man has a house to die for complete with hidden rooms.
Then there is Sherry Lisbon, a woman as cold as Alaska and Eli thinks she could be twice as deadly if someone were to stand in the way of what she wanted and she might even want Eli which is a problem because Eli wants nothing more than to stay away from this woman.
Then there is the supposed widow Mrs. Tyler James and her "I will do anything for you", right hand man Gunnar.
There is also a comic book store owner who knows a thing or two about buying, selling and trading for a price of course. in his own world he is a genius.
When another murder happens Eli thinks maybe if he doesn't solve the murders he is next to die.
All the while the magic trick The Miser's Dream might just offer a clue or two and trick by trick, conversation by conversation and jealousy by jealously Eli realizes he know whodunit.

THE MISER'S DREAM by John Gaspard, is a wonderful slight of hand book for anyone who is enthralled with movies, magic, geeks and mystery.
In Hercule Poirot fashion Eli takes center stage then directs his logic and magic to uncover a killer.
THE MISER'S DREAM is the third book in the series. I can't wait to read what happens to Eli Marks in the next book.
Pamela James

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