Saturday, October 17, 2015

Review: The Fall Hunt by Joanne Clarey

Retired teacher, Ellie Hastings has a life where things happen to and around her.  The story opens with her walking into a bank and being taken hostage by robbers.  Then it quickly moves forward to a time in Hummingbird Falls where she finds a body while out walking her dog, Buddy.  Meanwhile a group of hunters are lost in the woods, a snowstorm blows in and a cop is missing after a cut off message.  This is a very fast paced and fun books.  Oh - I forgot to mention the bear - Old Scar Face...  Lots of twists and turns and excitement.

Overall, I really enjoyed the story and only had two minor grievances:  Ellie's internal dialog at time was stilted and not very believable and I wanted to smack her senseless after she sustains a head injury that knocks her out for a bit and she refuses help from anyone and just wants to go to sleep.  Most people would know that is the last thing she should do - esp when she then goes on to mention severe headache and dizziness.  Obvious concussion.  Everyone knows sleep and concussion never mix (A School Teacher would know that too).  Grrr...  It is amazing how something like this is enough to raise my annoyance factor and detract from the story, but it really did.

That said, I really did enjoy the story and characters in all other aspects!


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