Monday, October 19, 2015

Review: The LITTLE PARIS BOOK SHOP by Nina George

Hardback library copy

Monsieur Perdu refers to himself as a literary apothecary. His book shop is on a boat in a barge on the Seine. His book shop is small but size doesn't matter.

You see Monsieur Perdu doesn't sell any book to anybody. No he sees what is in their heart and soul. Often times telling them the truth about why he will not sell them the kind of book they might want to purchase. No matter how much they lust after a certain book if he knows it is not the right book for them he does not give or sell to them.
In many ways he is unique. He does not live on the floating book shop but rather he lives in an apartment building. He knows his neighbors. Know who needs assistance in what area. Often times he makes their wants and needs come true.
One woman's husband left her for another woman. Packed her suitcase and left it in the hallways with divorce papers on top. He left her with nothing and his landlady let him know she didn't have any furniture. So he goes into his hidden room (someplace he never ever goes into) because it is a part of his past that he doesn't want to think about. He sets a table and chairs in the hallways outside of her apartment.
The woman finds a letter that is sealed and addressed to him. At first he refuses the letter he doesn't want to know the secret inside. She keeps after him to take the letter and finally he takes the letter.
This sets off a personal journey, but he doesn't go alone he takes a chef with him, he takes a bestselling author who has writer's block. Maybe this man's story will unlock the block.
Monsieur Perdu, had the love of his life and she disappeared. He wants to know the end to his own story and the Italian Chef has a soft spot for love and lovers. The author needs his soul healed.
It is the most human, unique and honest novel that I have ever read.
Words and ratings do not do this novel justice.
It will fill your soul with love, it will fill the hole in your heart and it will be the most amazing life experience you will ever have between the pages of a book.
I have vowed to buy my own copy and take this book out every two years and reread it. Never have I been so moved by the characters in this book and the end of the story.
Pamela James

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