Saturday, October 17, 2015

Review: Stabbing in the Senate by Colleen J Shogan

Title: Stabbing in the Senate
(A Washington Whodunnit)

Kit Marshall, is a D.C. staffer for the popular Senator Langsford. One morning she comes to work early so that she can place a report on his desk that is very important.
Unfortunately Kit finds that her boss will not be attending meetings, reading reports or anything else. Senator Langsford is dead.
The murder weapon is an army attack helicopter. Before she thinks about what she is doing Kit pulls the helicopter out of the senator's chest. Soon she is off the suspect list but that isn't good enough for Kit. She wants to know who murdered her boss and why?
Besides she will soon be out of a job and job offers won't knocking down her door unless she can find the killer of her beloved senator.
Kit's boyfriend and his well to do family is horrified my the news. They are more horrified that Kit wants to solve the mystery.
Kit can always count on her friend Meg and together they follow the clues, suspects and politics to a riveting conclusion.

I have to say it is one of the best whodunit I have read this year. Colleen writes with clarity, wit and she knows her subject matter. She has done her research, turned her talent into one of the best new books to be on the 2016 market.
STABBING in the SENATE, is a look at Washington D.C. that is sure to be a memorable, page-turning, bestseller.
I give this one ten stars.
Pamela James

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