Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Good Morning Everyone

I hope this is a week of magic for all o you. May the mayhem lead to the magical memories. After all of the mayhem then I hope you have plenty of good books and warm drinks to enjoy.
I am visiting my daughter and her family. So if I am slow to answer or not at all this is why because I took my yearly vacation now to be with family.
So far I have attended my grandson Aiden's wrestling practice which was fun as the age group was 8-13.
I have tried very hard to have portion control with meals and desserts. You seen I have had a couple of meals that were Mexican, then chilidogs, then there are desserts that probably put back on the pounds I had lost (even with portion control0, I had Travis's cheesecake that was to die for, I had Melissa's pumpkin roll and that is one of her special recipes.
We did have Chinese food last night.
My reading has been light, my stitching has not happened but I have colored several pictures as we binge watched House Of Cards, True Detective and I caught up on The Librarians and Legends.
I hope you have a wonderful beginning to winter and your winter reading.

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