Wednesday, January 27, 2016

My Library Trip: Wednesday Blog

Last night my library trip was successful. I have decided that I can get more done with my handiwork if I listen to books on tape.
While I am doing my cross stitch, I have decided to listen to books on tape. Last night I found "V is for VENGEANCE  by SUE GRAFTON"
I found them on CD so I can listen to them in the car or the house. I also picked up on CD THE FIFTH WITNESS by MICHAEL CONNELLY.
Today I may go to coloring class. I haven't been there all of 2016 and our temperature is sunny and a high of 50 ore more. So if my health issues hold up I will be stopping in to color.
I have some books for my friend Sue to donate and either way if I don't make it to the class I intend to drop off the books for Sue tonight.
Now the really exciting part is I also in paperback found THE MARSH MADNESS by VICTORIA ABBOTT.
All around I hit the jackpot last night.

Have you been to the library lately and I so what do you have to read?

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