Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Blog: My last two library trips.

Time before last I went to the library and I picked up in paperback "Marsh Madness by Victoria Abbott, I love this book and should finish it today. I can't wait to review it for you. I also hit the jackpot because I found in hardback Plantation Shudders by Ellen Byron.
I am in heaven with these two books. Wait it gets better because I also picked up books on tape. I have the Fifth Witness by Michael Connelly, this is art of the Lincoln Lawyer Series. I have to say I am happily cross stitching and I love this idea. I finished the first scarecrow this way and I am on the second scarecrow.
Another plus is that my husband who doesn't read fiction (not even my books), is listing along with me. However, since he doesn't stitch sooner or later he falls asleep.
It's just nice not to have the television blaring because that is his thing he watches television all the time. Currently the offices are a mess. Another story for another day.

I also picked up V is for Vengeance by Sue Grafton for the audio in the car. Now that was  great trip but I did have to return the Career of Evil by Robert Galbraith which is also J.K. Rawlings.
Anyway this has become humorous because twice now I have had to return it before I finished the book because someone else wants to read it. The front desk person can't understand why I haven't finished it yet because she couldn't put it down.

Anyway this brings me to last night's visit. I got a call yesterday from one of the ladies and Career of Evil is in so I went to pick it up and of course once again the conversation flowed to the fact if someone else wants to read it I must return it and not recheck the book out. I said well I probably won't finish it and will have to recheck. Again we rehashed that she couldn't put it down. I told her I ha four books going, one on the kindle, one in the bathroom, one in the bedroom and one in the living room. She told me that was crazy. I understand as she reads one book at a time.
I told her that I review books and so I must do it this way. That it's not a problem because most are in different genres. She thinks I am crazy. LOL
Either way the book will be rechecked out and I am very happy she found that she loves this series. I love the series but I do have obligations. One of which is that I must also return the audio books on time and the other books. Plus authors expect their books read and so as you can see this is very humorous.
Anyway I use my library a lot and love all the ladies who work there. I really love to read and I love cross stitch.
I couldn't afford to buy all the books I want to read. Of course we all try to buy the books and our grocery Country Mart always seems to have several cozy authors. Some of which I do not read but it's nice to support a store that does this, I love winning books,
I love books that authors send to me and I love buying books. I will be using audio library at the local library more and more as that actually takes care two of my loves.
I do need to try to make he coloring class this week while the sun is going to be out and shine.
Okay now maybe I will post a review today.

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  1. I am always reading multiple books at a time and it is more common than a lot of people think I imagine.


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