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Review: The Marsh Madness by Victoria Abbott

Jordan Bingham is beyond excited when Chadwick Kauffman extends an invitation to Jordan's employer Vera Van Alst, to see and buy his Ngaio Marsh Collection.
Jordon has always wanted a peek inside Summerlea Estate. Lisa Troy, Chadwick's assistant has reported back to Jordan that all three of them are invited for dinner.
 The only problem is that Vera insists on taking Uncle Kevin and where Uncle Kevin goes so does trouble. He is a Kelley and the other two Uncles always said that Kevin used up all of the Kelley good luck. The other two have to rely on skill and charm.

Upon arriving at the Summerlea Estate, Jordon has a feeling of elation and dread. There is a butler to greet them, there is the woman whom Jordan spoke with Miss. Lisa Troy. Jordan likes Lisa but is less than thrilled when she meets Chadwick, he is nothing like what she  she imagined the heir to Summerlea to be and what is worse she finds herself wishing she could shake the feeling of dread.
Vera is impressed with the collection. Uncle Kevin is taking in all the antiques Jordan is almost certain Uncle Kevin has a not so nice motive. The meal was perfect and uncle Kevin ate with restrained gusto.

They leave with the books that Vera paid a lot of money but she wasn't taken in because they might have cost her more elsewhere.
They leave Summerlea, and the next morning comes. The shock is that Chadwick has died from a fall on the grand staircase.
The fall happened shortly after Jordan, Vera and Uncle Kevin left the house. What is more interesting is the picture shown in the paper is nothing like Chadwick Kauffman, there are more surprises.

The visit by the police left Vera more than upset, Jordan finds she had a lot to deal with all at once. First Uncle Kevin is in the wind since he is not fond of the police and they are usually less than fond of him. Mostly any crime he commits is a mere infraction.
Tyler Dekker works for the police department and is Jordan's boyfriend, he has overlooked a lot due to Jordan's family.
However the day becomes much worse when Tyler breaks up with Jordan by text. Claiming that their worlds are too different.  It never bothered him that much before.

The day becomes worse as Vera and Jordan are assigned a police car outside the Van Alst estate. Also when Jordan leaves the house there are unmarked police cars following her everywhere.
It's clear that help isn't exactly knocking on the door. One uncle is on his honeymoon, the other is out of town. However she still has the Kelley antique shop and their apartment above the shop which means she has access to cars, disguises, this includes wigs. It also means she can return to her childhood room to think an regroup.

The police detectives search Vera's home including Jordan's room. Long story short someone is trying to frame them for murder. Because that is exactly what has happened to Chadwick Kauffman and what is more apparent is the police detectives are only interested in Vera, finding Kevin and Jordan.
Then there is the fact that Charles the butler isn't a butler, Miss. Lisa Troy isn't who she claimed to be and the more Jordan researches the more she knows she needs investigative help.
The clues are, murder weapon, does it all lead back to Summerlea? Is there someone who is making it personal for one of them
The Marsh Madness by Victoria Abbott, is absolutely another gem in this series. I have  to say this is my type of story to lose sleep over and I can't wait for the next book in the series.
if you are stressed keep calm and read The Marsh Madness, it will be sure to make your bad day brighten. Plan to lose sleep and settle in with a cozy drink.

I have left out a lot of excitement but this is because there is happily many more characters and plot that will amaze, amuse and I couldn't fit every page into this review.

Definitely a real page turner.


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