Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Anything goes blog by Pamela James

Good Evening,
Today anything goes on my blog.
Our library had author local author Julie London for a book signing. She wrote a true story world war two book about her neighbor and it was a birthday tribute to the woman who has live thru a lot. I don't know Julie and didn't go to the book signing. I found out after the fact.
When was the last time you went to a local book signing? Do you have some favorite author signings you like to attend?
I do I love Nancy Pickard and Max McCoy. They are Kansas authors...

Our Easter was a bit different but I certainly enjoyed our Easter Supper.
When I feel low I want to read Laura Levine Mysteries, Rhys Bowen, Leigh Perry, Lynn Cahoun, Victoria Abbott, Elaine Viets, Victorian Hamilton, Emily Brightwell, Eva Gates, Elizabeth Lyn Casey, Melissa Bourbon and Sherry Harris.
When I am in a serious mood I enjoy reading what I term the "yesteryear authors) Agatha Christie, Re Stout, Caroline Crane, Ngaio Marsh, Mary Roberts Rinehart, Mignon G. Eberhart
Kage Booton, W.J. Burley and Joan Fleming.
Now there are other authors for yesteryear group but these are the ones that come to mind.

Author whom I admire more than words can express. Patricia Sprinkle, Dorothy Cannell, Carolyn Hart, Leslie Meir, Stephen King, Jeff Cohen, Katherine Hall Page and Jenn McKinlay.

These author lend me to a magical world I never want to see end.
Okay who are you magical moment authors? Yesteryear authors and I already can tell you I forgot Mary Stewart. LOL we have a lot more wonderful and beautiful with words authors on our coyarmchairgroup. I wouldn't trade Lorna Barretts books for the world. See it never ends....
I know I have left a great many authors out but keep watching our blog as I am sure I will mention you and your series soon. It's a late night for me and I pledge to mention more authors.
If you're an author and reading this tell us about the book you are currently writing, promoting an reading?
Readers tell us your favorite series? Your favorite stand alone authors? Another author I just thought of is Christopher Fowler who writes the Bryant & May Series.
Anyway tonight book and authors have been on my mind.
The passing of Patty Duke made me sad and longing for authors of yesteryear, actors and television shows.
We have lost so many great actors, artist, authors musicans, writers etc...lately that it's turned me into more of a hermit than usual. Lots of reflection with a year like this but we also need to live every day to the fullest.
What's on your mind?

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