Thursday, April 14, 2016

Blog: Computer issues by Pamela James

I have three computers and none of them would work. I mean the screen would go blank. I would be in the middle of composing an email, a blog, writing a review, reply to an email it doesn't matter it would shut completely down and off. For emails it would last maybe five to ten minutes. For interviews go down in fifteen minutes, playing a game not even two minutes.
The list goes on but Frank thinks he might have the acer fixed. The other two not so much at least not yet...
So if I have not answered your facebook message, email, sent your interview or posted your review now you know why and now because of all the starts, stops and madness I do not know where I have left off.
I kept deleting a lot an Frank also had to delete things again tonight.
Bear with me and my friends know they can send me a text.
I was writing interview inquiries down in my notebook by my computer, and the same with sending the interview questions, receiving the interviews but I couldn't even send inquires, or interviews etc...
I couldn't reply to Terri's questions or emails.
Hopefully this will be a start to organizing my world. LOL
Anyway bear with and resend me messages etc...

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