Monday, May 9, 2016

Good Morning Blog by Pamela James

Good Monday Morning,

I see it didn't show where I thought I posted the last blog "R.I.P. Jim Lavene Blog. My apology for this and I will fix it later.

This morning I wanted to wish you a good morning.

We are going having rain and the storms will be back this morning. Hopefully I m able to get back on here today and tonight. I am not finished with blog posts.

I am reading Mrs. Jefferies Wins The Prize by Emily Brightwell. I am also reading a Monica Ferris book it's in the other room or I would know the title.  I know it's main topic is about a hoarder whose house has a tree that fell on it.

Last night I read, colored and stitched. Actually I stitched all weekend.

Mother's Day I watched HOLMES this has Laura Linney in it. Very touching.
I watched actually re-watched Holmes & Houdini this is a fun series.
Sunday night: Call The Midwife, Wallander and Elementary.

Back to my Vanilla Carmel Coffee.


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