Monday, May 9, 2016

Kindle Book Blog by Pamela James

I hope everyone had a "Happy Mother's Day" this evening I am going to list in no particular order my kindle books that I have read the past three to four months. I think this is where I seem to do most of my book reads.

I will rate them by number but no real reviews as I just wanted to blog about my list of books. 10 being the highest and 1 being the lowest. I am still learning how to post the book covers or I would post them to this blog.

1. What the Cat Saw by Carolyn G. Hart I give this one a 9
2. Anything For A Story by Cynthia Hickey I loved this one and give it a 10.
3. Murder She Typed by Sylvia Selfman I really enjoyed this book. I rated it a 10
4. A Corpse In A Teacup by Cassie Page I rated this one a 10
5. Armoires and Arsenic by Cassie page I rate this one a 9.
6. Antique Roadkill: A Trash and Trailer Mystery by Barbara Allen. Rating is 9 I really laughed a lot.
7. Seaside Secrets (A Dune House Cozy Mystery) by Cindy Bell absolutely loved it and if I could give it a rating higher than a 10 I would but 10 it is tonight.
8. A Novel Way To Die by Ali Brandon this is a great read. I give it a 9
9. Guide Book to Murder ( A Tourist Trap Mystery Series) by Lynn Cahoon who is a gifted author. Her series is truly amazing. Rating is a 10.
10. Mission To Murder (A Tourist Trap Mystery Series) again this author is remarkable. Another 10 rating.
11. Murder on The Page by Kennedy Chase love, love and love this series. I give this one a 10.
12. Murder On the Hill by Kennedy Chase another fun mystery series. This one is also rated 10.
13. Hilda Hopkins Murder She knit by Vivienne Fagan This is a must read for any cozy author. I give it a 10.
14. Another Murder In The Inn by Barbara Fox I give this one a 8 it's very good and well written.
15. Edited For Death by Michele Drier This is a great mystery and you will enjoy every page. I give it a 10
16. The Invisible Code: A Peculiar Crimes unit Series Mystery by Christopher Fowler: What a talented author whose mystery series and characters go beyond books and time. This is one of the best series I have ever read. The plot is intricate, Bryant and May are characters you will not soon forget. I want to call these historical crime but they are also modern each book in the series is absolutely engrossing and what a page turner series. I have never read any other series that made me NOT worry about page count. This one I give up sleep for so yes if I could give this series a 20 I would. 10 it is and I really think his books should be taught in writing classes.
17. Archie Meets Nero Wolfe by Robert Goldsborough. This tell us how Archie came to work for Nero and is highly entertaining it also clears up some questions on both men. I give this one a 9 out of 10.
18. Cocaine Blues: By Phryne Fisher Mystery Book Series by Kerry Greenwood. This one is a wonderful series setting is 1920's and she is a sleuth/detective. Set in Australia there are movies made based on the series. I love all the characters, costumes and plots.
19. Dying To get Published by Judy Fitzwater. I read this series for the first time years ago and loved it. I was crushed when there wasn't anymore of them but I hear they are back now. I have this one on my kindle and if you want to have cozy fun then enjoy the this series and wait for the new ones.
I give it 10 out of 10.
Okay more on the kindle read tomorrow night.

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