Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Review: The LaSalle Street Murders by Carol Sissom

I can understand the author's fascination with the case and her interest in investigating it.  That said, her investigation was highly flawed and her reporting very unprofessional.  She says upfront the book is about her and her experience talking with the man she identified as the killer.  The thing is, she had a very weird relationship with him which she says was to draw him out and get more information and maybe a confession from him.  She repeatedly lambastes the DA for not prosecuting but from what she presented in the book, the evidence was mostly hearsay and speculation.  Many wild theories involving Hoffa and the White House sound titillating but don't have proof to back them up.  

One of the things I found really annoying, was her going on the talk show circuit with her theories and stories and then wondering why the DA was so upset.  She also had a childish tantrum when the DA demanded her diaries, but since she had been writing down her conversations with the alleged killer every day, that seems obvious that they would be considered evidence.

Who knows, maybe he was the guy but this book didn't prove it.

On a positive note, it was a very quick read!


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