Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Blog: What are you reading this week? By Pamela James

My books that I am reading will be listed below. First I have to say that at our library this week we have "Diana Mott Davidson's Books on display." This very nice for our local culinary mystery lovers. 

Here is the list of my books. Then I want to know what has your attention this week.
1. A DEADLY GRIND by VICTORIA HAMILTON this is a paperback copy from the library.

2. HOME BY NIGHTFALL by CHARLES FINCH hardback copy from the library.

3. A ANTHEM for DOOMED YOUTH by CAROLA DUNN hardback large type from our library.

4. The BIG KITTY by CLAIRE DONALLY this is one I own and it's a paperback. 

5. CAT SHOUT for JOY by SHIRLEY ROUSSEAU MURPHY this is also a library book that is a softback large type book.

Okay these books have my top attention.

Now it is your turn to tell us what you are reading this week?
As you might guess I am a huge library supporter. 

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  1. Julie,
    Your books are so much fun to read. Thank you for the interview.


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