Monday, June 20, 2016

Review: Scar Tissue by MC Domovitch

Ciara Kelly wakes up from a coma to find her memory of the last few weeks is gone.  She had been held captive and tortured by a killer named The Cutter.  She tries to get on with her life, moving in with her sister only to find she is being hunted and people around her are being killed.  The Cutter wants her back.  She goes on the run under an assumed identity and once again, is found.  She doesn't know who to trust only that someone close to her may be involved.

This was a fast, suspenseful read.  I did figure out who The Cutter was pretty early on, but that was okay, I wanted to find out how things were going to play out.

I also loved how as a result of her injuries she gained a paranormal ability to see/hear/know the last thoughts of someone who had died.  I nice twist and played well in the story without being too much WooWoo...

My biggest gripe was I disagreed with a lot of the choices she was making which were putting herself in more danger IMHO.


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