Monday, December 19, 2016

Review: The Insanity of Murder by Felicity Young

Dody McCleland is a coroner working under the famous Dr. Spilsbury.  After a bombing by suffragettes, Dody's sister is accused and an investigation ensues.  A woman is found dead by apparent suicide, only she suspects it could be much more sinister.  Her sister goes undercover to escape jail as well as investigate at an asylum for 'gentlewoman' where some horrific practices may be occurring.

I really enjoyed this book.  Multiple mysteries as well an intriguing characters and strong women fighting for their rights in different ways.  It is a period of history I am fascinated by and the story kept me engaged and turning pages.  


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  1. Sounds like a unique setting with suffragettes bombing people, an asylum for "gentlewomen". Sounds good to me!


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